Use Policy Statement

Fairchild's information technology systems and equipment, including computers, computer networks, software, internet access, email, telephones, voice mail, and related items (collectively, the "Systems") are provided to employees and business partners to assist them with serving Fairchild's customers and to conduct Fairchild business. Fairchild's policies define the proper use of the Systems. The Systems and information stored on them are the exclusive property of Fairchild. Fairchild can inspect and/or monitor the usage and content of the Systems for any reason at its discretion, without notice to affected individuals, and at any time. Use of Fairchild's Systems constitutes consent to inspection and monitoring of all content and all aspects of Systems usage. All systems use is governed by Fairchild policies and procedures, including but not limited to the following Fairchild Semiconductor policies: Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, IT Code of Conduct, User Responsibility Policy, Electronic Communications Policy, Social Computing Guidelines. Copies of these policies are available on Fairchild's intranet for Fairchild employees and upon request to business partners that do not have intranet access. Logging in to Fairchild Systems signifies agreement to comply with all applicable Fairchild policies. In addition to Fairchild policies, Fairchild business partners with Systems access agree to comply with any and all other agreements between Fairchild and them.